Myakka River

Myakka River Integrated Groundwater / Surface Water Model

image002The 225 square-mile Upper Myakka River watershed is a hydrologically altered system in Southwest Florida. Significant environmental damage, including widespread tree mortality, has resulted from abnormal and prolonged dry-season inundation in areas that historically were flooded only seasonally. Much of the resulting damage has occurred within a 4.5 square-mile mixed hardwood wetland known as Flatford Swamp.

Interflow Engineering prepared a detailed integrated hydrologic model of the upper watershed, using the MIKE SHE and MIKE-11 integrated surface and groundwater modeling software. This modeling study was part of the SWFWMD’s Myakka River Watershed Initiative.

The model consists of a multi-layer groundwater model coupled with rainfall, irrigation, evapotranspiration, overland flow, streamflow, and vadose zone processes. The model was successfully calibrated to nine (9) USGS streamflow gage locations, 15 surface water level measurement locations, and eight (8) groundwater level measurement sites for a seven-year calibration period.image003

The calibrated model was used to evaluate past anthropogenic impacts, investigate the linkage between land use and hydrologic changes, and to predict future long-term water budgets and water supply potential.

Interflow used the model to develop and evaluate alternatives for restoring the hydrology of Flatford Swamp. Alternatives were also evaluated for their potential to provide an alternative source of water supply.


Client: Southwest Florida Water Management District, in association with Singhofen and Associates, Inc.

Month/Year Initiated:   December 2006
Month/Year Completed:   March 2011

Services Provided:

  • Integrated Groundwater / Surface Water Modeling with MIKE SHE / MIKE-11
  • Hydrologic Restoration
  • Water Supply Planning