Little Manatee River

Little Manatee River Watershed Plan

Hillsborough County’s watershed management master plan for the 243 square-mile Little Manatee River watershed was completed in 2001 based on 1999 conditions. Since then conditions have changed and new information is available. Changes include dramatically changed land use as well as construction of many stormwater Capital Improvement Projects. Land use changes have been mainly due to residential development and mining. New information includes recent LiDAR topographic data and a Southwest Florida Water Management District model review completed in 2005. The model review identifies the improvements necessary to make the model consistent with the District’s Guidelines and Specifications (G&S).

Under the current project, Interflow updated and re-calibrated the model for the eastern portion of the watershed which includes the Upper Little Manatee River and South Fork subwatersheds, a total of 85 square miles. Interflow conducted the modeling in accordance with current standards for level of detail, digital data format, and parameterization. Model data is being stored in the County’s HC-GWIS geodatabase and all simulations were executed using the latest SWMM 5.1 modeling software.

Client: Hillsborough County (in association with Jones Edmunds and Associates, Inc.)

Month/Year Initiated:   February 2013

Month/Year Completed:  December 2014

Relevant Services:

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Watershed Management Planning
  • Floodplain Management
  • Alternatives Analysis