Myakka Single Event Model

Myakka Single Event photo 1The Myakka River Watershed is a 600-square mile watershed located in southwest Florida. As a subconsultant to SAI, Dewberry and Interflow (along with other subconsultants) prepared a comprehensive study of the watershed to address concerns related to water quality, flood control, natural systems, and water supply.

Interflow provided technical direction and quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) services for single-event stormwater modeling of the East Myakka, North Myakka, and Owen Creek subwatershed models. These subwatersheds comprise a total of 83 square miles. These watersheds were completed based on the SWFWMD’s Guidelines and Specifications and in the SWFWMD’s GWIS 1.6 geodatabase structure.

Myakka Single Event photo 2As part of this project, Interflow provided technical guidance, attended Client meetings with Dewberry’s staff, and provided quality control reviews of all deliverables.

Client: SWFWMD, in Association with Dewberry LLC and Singhofen and Associates

Month/Year Initiated: 2007

Month/Year Completed: 2013

Key Services:

  • Watershed Management Planning
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Peer Review and Technical Direction