East Gateway Stormwater and Sanitary Improvements


The East Gateway District of Clearwater is a highly urban area with aging infrastructure. The City’s Redevelopment Plan for the area calls for continued development of medium density residential neighborhood supported with neighborhood commercial and professional offices concentrated along the major corridors. Interflow’s multi-objective design for replacing the area’s aging infrastructure minimizes disruption to services and transportation.  

The East Gateway Project Area covers approximately 80 acres overall with roughly 24 acres of right-of-way for 3.3 miles of local roads. The proposed storm sewer improvements, total to approximately 10,800 linear feet of pipe with 110 inlets, 49 junctions, and 5 Nutrient-Separating Baffle Boxes. Construction will cost approximately $11.5 Million, and will result in improved drainage and water quality, with new pavement, curb and utilities to support the City’s goals of attracting new businesses to the area.

Client: City of Clearwater, Florida

Month/Year Initiated:  May 2016

Month/Year Completed:  Ongoing

Services Provided:

  • Prepared a Basis of Design Report
  • Assisted with the SWFWMD Cooperative Funding Application
  • Designed storm sewer improvements
  • Designed/modeled water quality improvements (Baffle Boxes)
  • Designed sanitary sewer improvements
  • Designed water transmission main (20”) replacement
  • Prepared opinions of construction cost
  • Prepared permit applications for stormwater, sanitary, and water improvements
  • Prepared supplemental technical specifications