Hillcrest Avenue High-Flow Bypass

hillcrestInterflow prepared a Basis of Design Report (BODR) for proposed stormwater conveyance system improvements and potential water quality improvements for the Hillcrest Avenue Bypass. A component of the 2001 Stevenson Creek Watershed Management Plan, the proposed 7’ x 12’ box culvert will bypass a flood-prone portion of Stevenson Creek, removing 46 homes from the 100-year floodplain.  Several alternatives were simulated using ICPR and evaluated as part of the BODR phase. Mitigation for downstream flooding impacts has already been constructed, as part of the Glen Oaks Stormwater Park (completed in 2006).

Interflow played an instrumental role in securing cooperative funding for this project from SWFWMD, and is also the Engineer of Record for final design of the recommended alternative (currently in the bidding phase).   This project involves re-design of all affected streets (Hillcrest Avenue, South Evergreen, and Barry Street), development and design of strategies to intercept and accommodate the local drainage, and design of several complex water and wastewater utility relocations.  Also included are enhancements to bicycle and pedestrian safety. The current Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost is approximately $4 million; construction is scheduled to begin in 2016.

This project is an example of the Interflow Team’s ability to identify and evaluate alternatives for retrofitting urban stormwater systems, and to work as a team to guide recommended alternatives through the final design and permitting phases.


Client: City of Clearwater, Florida

Month/Year Initiated:  2015

Month/Year Completed:  Ongoing

Services Provided:

Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling


Construction Plan Preparation

Construction Phase Services

Cooperative Funding