Magnolia Drive

Channel and Floodplain Modifications Project Detail

Magnolia Drive imageInterflow is finalizing the design of the Magnolia Drive Outfall Project for the City of Clearwater; this project is cooperatively funded by SWFWMD. The Magnolia Drive outfall drains a fully-developed residential and commercial area of the City of Clearwater Harbor. The objective of this project is to upgrade approximately 5,700 linear feet of aging stormwater collection infrastructure, to replace almost 6,500 linear feet of failing sanitary sewer, and to add water quality improvement elements. Interflow developed a SWMM5 model of the drainage area using GIS data and LiDAR topographic data. The model was used to determine the existing conditions flood protection level of service. Potential improvement alternatives were analyzed using the model to meet the level of service criteria for roadway flooding. Interflow developed a Basis of Design Report and recommended one alternative for design and construction. Additionally, Interflow assisted the City of Clearwater to obtain cooperative funding for the project.

This project also involves several complex utility relocations including potable water, reclaimed, and sanitary force mains. The current opinion of probable cost is approximately $5,500,000. Interflow has completed the 100% construction documents. The project area was recently expanded to include the remaining portions of the Harbor Oaks neighborhood.


Client: City of Clearwater, Florida

Month/Year Initiated:   August 2012

Month/Year Completed:   Ongoing, scheduled completion in Summer 2015

Services Provided:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Flood Control
  • Water Quality Analysis