Peace Creek

Channel and Floodplain Modifications Project Detail

peacecreekInterflow Engineering, LLC contracted with Chastain Skillman Inc. to provide hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and design services associated with a proposed commercial development project within the City of Winter Haven. The 64-acre commercial site abuts the Peace Creek Canal, and is located within a FEMA AE zone and a FEMA floodway.

In order to offset the displacement of existing floodplain storage volume, approximately 218 acre-feet of floodplain compensation will be provided just downstream of the proposed development. The project also includes realignment and reconfiguring of approximately 4,300 linear feet of the Peace Creek Canal to accommodate the footprint of the proposed development. Interflow conducted a hydrologic and hydraulic modeling study to support the design of the re-aligned channel, a proposed bridge crossing, and the floodplain compensation area.

The starting point for this modeling effort was the SWFWMD model of the 234-square mile Peace Creek Canal Watershed. Interflow delineated a sub-area for more detailed study, which included the project site and surrounding areas. The SWMM 4.4 model input data for all subbasins, nodes, and links within the sub-area were then extracted and converted to SWMM version 5.0. Site-specific detail was added, and boundary flows were extracted from the SWMM 4.4 regional model output and inserted at all locations where links in the regional model provide inflow into the sub-area that defines the limits of the site-specific model.

In addition to the SWMM model study, Interflow conducted a hydraulic modeling study using HEC-2 step-backwater model to support the application for a conditional letter of map revision (CLOMR). Interflow created construction plans and permit applications for the channel improvements and the floodplain compensation area. Design plans were generated using AutoCAD “Civil 3D” software.

Client: WHCP Properties, LLC, in association with Chastain Skillman, Inc.

Month/Year Initiated:   July 2008

Month/Year Completed:   July 2009

Services Provided:

  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Floodplain Management
  • Stormwater Management
  • FEMA Map Revisions
  • Engineering Design
  • Environmental Resource Permitting