GIS Overview

The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) has increased tremendously over recent years. As technology evolves, the precision and amount of data available has increased exponentially. The new data available provides the information for our engineers to produce a better end product for our clients.

Our team of engineers not only has the expertise to manage and manipulate the complex and large data sets available, but also provides innovative methodologies and applications to efficiently and accurately complete projects. These applications are developed using ModelBuilder within ArcGIS 10.1 and can be exported to three different script formats Python, JScript, or VBScript.

Our engineers also have experience with complex geodatabase designs that store a multitude of information to develop hydrologic and hydraulic models e.g., ESRI GWIS 1.6 geodatabase. These comprehensive geodatabases provide our clients with a well documented and defensible end product that can be updated easily in the future.